Units of measurement, symbols, significant digits and rounding off
1.1 Units of measurement and symbols
1.2 Significant digits
1.3 Rounding off
1.4 Bias, accuracy and precision
Individual Trees and Logs
2.1 Bole characteristics
2.1.1 Diameter
2.1.2 Height
2.1.3 Bark thickness
2.1.4 Volume
2.1.5 Stem form and taper
2.2 Log characteristics
2.2.1 Diameter
2.2.2 Length
2.2.3 Volume
2.2.4 Weight
2.2.5 Allowance for defect
2.3 Crown characteristics
2.3.1 Width
2.3.2 Depth
2.3.3 Surface area
2.3.4 Volume
2.3.5 Biomass
2.4 Stem analysis
Groups of Trees (Stands)
3.1 Number of trees
3.2 Diameter
3.3 Basal area
3.3.1 Fixed-area plots
3.3.2 Angle count sampling
3.3.3 Advantages and disadvantages of angle count sampling
3.4 Height
3.4.1 Mean height
3.4.2 Predominant height, top height, dominant height
3.4.3 Stand height curve
3.5 Volume
3.6 Crown closure
3.7 Crown biomass
3.8 Growth and increment
Appendix 1
: Checklist of equipment and materials

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Code of Forest
Mensuration Practice

Research Working Group #2 (1999) Code of Forest Mensuration Practice: A guide to good tree measurement practice in Australia and New Zealand. Wood, Turner and Brack (Eds)

URL: http://sres.anu.edu.au/associated/mensuration/rwg2/code
ISBN 0-7315-3310-0

The members of Research Working Group #2 (Forest Measurement and Information) developed this guide to assist forest and natural resource managers to measure tree and forest stands in a consistent, reliable and useful manner.

Research Working Group #2 is the peak body of researchers in Australia and New Zealand who have responsibility for measuring and inventorying forest resources. The Working Group is responsible to the Research Priorities and Co-ordination Committee (RPCC) who in turn reports to the Standing Committee on Forestry.

G.B. Wood, a member of RWG #2 until 1994, edited major drafts of this Code. B.J. Turner and C.L. Brack, members of RWG #2 representing the Australian National University, undertook final editorial work.


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