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Humane bird trap for Common Indian Mynas and European Starlings

The system is clean, green, safe and humane, and has met with approval from animal welfare and conservation groups.
The trapping system has been re-designed to simplify operation by one person, while retaining important features of the original design.
The trap and euthanasia system are portable and multiple traps can be operated by one person.

Traps have been developed and proven in pilot trials in urban and semi-urban areas of the ACT to catch Common Indian Mynas and European Starlings and to exclude other birds by means of selective valves.

Find out more: information and pictures

An efficient and humane euthanasia system has been designed for use in conjunction with the trap without the need for individual handling of birds.

Find out more: humane disposal of trapped mynas.


Myna traps are available for purchase at:

Myna trap plans:
Tidemann 2005

Other information

The most effective bait in our trials was VIP Petfoods MegaBite or Chicken dog food rolls:

Nest box traps:

Assembled trap
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Photo: Chris Tidemann

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