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Above: "Home Sweet Home" poster


Want More Wisdom on Woodlands and Wildlife?
Here are some of the other materials available through the Fenner School of Environment and Society:

Woodlands: A Disappearing Landscape by David Lindenmayer, Mason Crane and Damian Michael with photographs by Esther Beaton.(2005). CSIRO Publishers, Melbourne.

Wildlife on Farms: How to Conserve Native Animals by David Lindenmayer, Andrew Claridge, Donna Hazell, Damian Michael, Mason Crane, Christopher MacGregor, Ross Cunningham. (2003). CSIRO Publishers, Melbourne.

Photographic Exhibition
The "Woodlands: It's Your Country" exhibition features 46 photographs of woodland flora and fauna by renowned photographer Esther Beaton.

The exhibition is on permanent display in the ACT, usually at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve Visitor Centre or Namadji National Park Visitor Centre. It is also on semi-permanent display at the Fenner School of Environment and Society office at 117 Sheridan St, Gundagai, NSW (Phone 02 6944 4586 for opening hours).

The exhibition also tours throughout mid and southern NSW at venues such as town halls and libraries. A member of our staff usually gives a talk on woodlands at the exhibition opening. If you are interested in having the exhibition visit your town, please telephone 02 6125 7800.

The "Home Sweet Home: Life in a Woodland Tree" poster is an attractive A1-size poster (see right). If you would like a free copy, please contact us on 02 6125 7800.

The "Wildlife Friendly and Productive Farm" DVD explores the fascinating insights of farmers of the South West Slopes of NSW and wildlife ecologists from The Australian National University as they discuss ways that farms can be better managed for both conservation and production outcomes. The DVD is available free of charge (Tel: 02 6125 7800).

More Research Information
If you would like to learn more about the research of the Lindenmayer group at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, visit http://fennerschool-research.anu.edu.au/cle/.

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