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Meet Some of Australia's Woodland Animals
Amongst the woodlands of Australia live thousands of species of native animals. These animals play crucial roles in keeping ecosystems in balance - indeed they deliver billions of dollars worth of ecosystem services to the land (not to mention millions of tourism dollars). Neither our agricultural or reserve land would be able to cope sustainably without them. Unfortunately, many of our woodland animals are threatened with local or complete extinction. This is usually as a result of loss of habitat. As the majority of woodlands occur on privately owned land, spreading the word about about how we can preserve or rehabilitate habitat to enable these animals to thrive (and in some cases survive) is vital. You can read tips elsewhere on this web site, but first make sure you check out some of the fascinating animals which call woodlands home by clicking on the links below.
Cool in the canopy!
I love mistletoe!
Hello hollows!
Barking about bark!
Fallen Timber Fellas