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Trapping Mynas - page 2 / 5

It is critically important to select an appropriate trapping site – an ideal site is near where birds are already feeding: restrict access to what they are eating and wean them onto the food provided in the trap.
Otherwise, select a site in full sunshine that has at least a radius of 3 m clear of cover around it – these birds are not comfortable feeding near where predators may be lurking.
Use the right bait – mynas and starlings will eat a huge variety of foods, but we have found that the best attractant is VIP Petfoods MegaBite or Chicken dog food rolls - and a dish of water.
Time of year is important – during the breeding season mynas and starlings are territorial – at other times of the year, particularly during autumn/winter – they are short of food and form large flocks - which is when large catches can be made.



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