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Forest Measurement and Modelling.

Preface Systematic collection of information about forests often begins as a reaction to perceived shortages of forest resources. The efficient use, preservation and management of these forest resources requires continuous collection because the forest system is dynamic. The way this information is collected is a function of the nature of the resources themselves, the available technology and labour, existing knowledge of the forest and relationships between parameters.
Elements of forest measurement
The information needed includes quantitative data about the trees and understorey of the forest. Quantitative information comes from measurement. Unfortunately, measurement of trees and forests is not trivial. This set of resources has been designed to help users to learn to effectively and efficiently measure and quantify parts of the forest as required.

The science of forest measurement is also commonly referred to as forest mensuration.

Objectives These materials are targeted towards students, forest managers and field practitioners who have a responsibility to design or implement forest measurement systems. There will be an emphasis on Australian natural forests and plantations. A suggested reading guide is provided for those enrolled in the undergraduate or continuing courses at the Australian National University. Other users are welcome to browse through these resources.

Content and activities suggested in these resources will be field-based and problem-focused with the following objectives:
  • to present the state of the art and methodologies applicable for modern forest measurement;
  • to enable participants to implement modern measurement approaches and determine the advantages and disadvantages of available approaches;
  • to enable participants to process data to determine reliable estimates and confidence limits of parameter estimates;
  • to enable participants to develop an understanding of the sources of error, and the significance of errors in forest measurement.

Components These resources are divided into several themes.
  1. Why bother to measure forests?
  2. What is in the forest now? Measuring and describing:
  3. How is the forest changing?

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