Measuring a forest
Forest Inventory.

Panorama of Eucalytp forest Forest inventory may be defined as the systemmatic collection, evaluation and presentation of specific information on forest areas. Generally, detailed observations are only made of a small part of the area and reliable techniques are applied to extrapolate from these limited observation to the whole area of interest. Probability-based sampling techniques consistute some of the most reliable ways of making inferences about the whole area of interest from these limited observations.

Successful practice of the art and science of forest inventory depends on making appropriate choices about:
  • The information needed - why is the inventory being conducted?

  • The observations - what parameters to measure and how should it be done?

  • The individuals or representatives selected - what sort of sampling?

  • Implementation of the inventory - how to make practice match theory?

  • Presentation of the observations and information - how to provide the report reader with the information needed without confusion.

There are no unique answers to any of these choices. Throughout natural resource management history many different approaches have been taken.

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